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Why learn Spanish in Bogotá, Colombia?

  •     Neutral accent

  •     Warm hospitality and friendly people, especially towards foreigners

  •     Great weather year-round

  •     Great tourism and cultural destinations nearby

  •     Afforable cost of living


Specialized Spanish Courses
Our certified and native speaking Spanish teachers, most with professional experience outside teaching, are experts at teaching specialized professions, including the following:

  •     Medical & Dental

  •     Legal

  •     International Business & Relations

  •     Engineering

  •     Government

  •     And more...


Spanish Immersion Program for International Professionals
The program consists of a strategic combination of group classes, individual personalized classes and cultural immersion. We have a dynamic, practical and personalized methodology with an emphasis on conversation, which enables us create a program tailored to your needs and goals. The program is offered in sessions of one week, two weeks, three weeks and one month. In order to reinforce the academic learning during the academic sessions we offer, and highly encourage, participation in the cultural immersion aspect of our program. For more information, view the Spanish program outline and contact us

Consultation, Pricing and Contact Information
The first consultation is free to determine the students’ Spanish goals and discuss course options. If you would like to learn Spanish or improve your Spanish, please contact us to discuss the pricing options at, +57 316 464 2064 or through the contact form.


Sobrevida Communications SAS, is a specialized language institute in Bogotá, Colombia, serving professionals and students in a wide range of fields. Our focus is on client satisfaction and excellent results. We offer Spanish immersion courses in Colombia in addition to individual or small group Spanish lessons (groups of 2-6). Our teachers employ a dynamic, personalized and practical teaching methodology with an emphasis on developing conversational skills. We create the course curriculum and set the cultural experience based on the clients’ Spanish needs and goals.

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